Road Connectivity

As per Road Connectivity to suit the ring-radical pattern of road network in Delhi, construction of the proposed roads in the Master plan 2021, has already started. For Zone L of West Delhi, being viewed as a major hub for population in the coming years, besides strengthening the existing road network, a new road network has been approved.

  • It consists of major roads with a width of 100m and a total length of about 19 km. Other roads of 60 m, 45m, and 30m width are also being planned.
  • The smaller roads of 24m will serve as the collector roads in residential areas.
  • Futhermore green belts of 20m wide on both sides of 80m & 60m roads and 10m wide green belts on 45 & 30m roads have been proposed.
  • The introduction of these roads will immediately bolster the existing road network in West Delhi and efficiently connect it to the South, Central and South West Delhi.
  • Zone L is close to Dwarka (Zone K) and will see a lot of traffic influx

The area will be seamlessly connected with Dwarka, Gurgaon and other parts of Delhi with a number of high quality roads.

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